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Freeconomics: Radiohead vs. Publishers

As we all know, last week Radiohead did something interesting. I’d like to acknowledge that it was a very smart (and lucrative) thing for an established band to do – and to use it as an entry point into debate about the future of the book and its distribution online.
To recap, from our perspective [...]

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For One More Day – Live

Our new site for Mitch Albom’s new paperback, For One More Day, has just gone live. We think it’s quite special.

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What Did Anna Wintour Call Her Blog?

We have a few clients who hate the word blog as much as Anna Wintour. Wintour – editor of American Vogue – got lots of press earlier this year when it was reported that she hates the word “blog” so much she asked her staff to come up with improvements. Thing is, I can’t find [...]

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The 100,000 hits of Gil Scott Heron

Talking of Canongate. When I worked there (from 1997-2001), I came up with a crazy idea to reconcile my love for pop videos / the web with my frustration at publishing books that couldn’t reach a wider audience.

The idea was simple – give my film-maker /animator mates a copy of a Canongate book, a [...]

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Pelicans and sinking feelings.

Just a brief one.
I was at a party on Saturday night, and ran into an old friend-of-a-friend, who is a freelance (books) journalist. He writes on publishing (and also reviews) for The Times, The Guardian, Time Out and a number of other well-respected publications. I reminded him what I do – the brief version, which [...]

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It’s all about the content, stupid

This precedes a long posting on the massive – fundamental – importance of hman beings and hand-written content for web sites, but I just thought I’d share three links from the superb A List Apart website about writing for the web. [Via Alex]
Reviving Anorexic Web Writing
Better Writing Through Design
In fact, the whole dang ALA archive [...]

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More Links, 29 June 2007

I’ve got too many tabs open and need to get these off:
With shades of Tom Cruise in Magnolia, Respect the Pixel Grid (Geeky)
O’Reilly Tools of Change presentations et al (via
Doubleclick Report about the drivers in ecommerce
Lots of Add To Basket buttons
This is very, very, very important. DRM for books (Medialoper, “Will Publishers Learn [...]

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Links, 29 June 2007

Prince is giving away his new album, for free, with the Mail on Sunday. How awesome is that? Interesting not only from a Chris Anderson style perspective (that the future is free content, and paid-for experiences, i.e. gigs; see “Give away the music and sell the show“) but also because it is a totally new [...]

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The World is Horseradish

I’ve admired the new TED site before.
But I’ve just watched Malcolm Gladwell’s talk on spaghetti sauce, filmed in September 04 and uploaded last year to the site; it’s part of his Blink-era obsession with market research and decision making. (Keen viewers will have seen Blink on my holiday reading list). It’s a fantastic talk and [...]

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Today we like.

BigShinyThing has got het up about Facebook. Which seems to be a fair position to take. But in the same article, which is one of those oh-so-paranoid-oh-so-activist pieces they do so well, they mention the Google Will Eat Itself project (fantastic idea!):
We generate money by serving Google text advertisements on a network of hidden [...]

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