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New Feature: Instapaper reading

I’d like to briefly introduce you to a new feature on the site that, if you are into the business of books, reading, technology, music, design and Apple, and other stuff besides, you may find interesting.
This feature has basically taken the place of the previous “links” that appeared in the RSS feed, but which are [...]

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On Vampires

Something very odd happened at the end of last year. Atom Books sent us copies of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books, a series of Young Adult novels featuring a teenager called Bella and her obsession with Edward Cullen, the mysterious new boy at school, and I became completely obsessed with vampires. The two occurrences were not [...]

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A few Quick Things

OK, so my RSS feed got so clogged up while I was away, it crashed, dumped all my unread articles and started from scratch again. Even taking away the 75+ articles the Guardian’s new RSS engine seems to spit out, that’s a lot of reading. I’ll add notables as they come up.
BookSquare tells publishers that [...]

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Holiday Reading

I read lots of books on holiday. Almost none related to work. All rather mainstream.

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Happy Birthday Dr King

It’s MLK Day – the holiday to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, which was lobbied for by Stevie Wonder (among others) and also (not a lot of people know this) Gil Scott Heron. Gil’s next book – soon to be published and called The Last Holiday – outlines his involvement in the campaign [...]

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Gautam Malkani’s Londonstani

This is something we’ve been working on for a while and which we’re very excited about. Londonstani by Gautam Malkani was one of the most talked-about debut novels of 2006. But lots of the talk was about the anything other than the book itself. Most regularly, the size of the advance paid by 4th Estate [...]

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Spring Clean

I’ve had a couple of long train trips recently, which have given me the chance (with enough foresight to open all my bookmarks in the presence of an internet connection before getting on the train) to go through everything I’ve wanted to flag up for the past couple of months.
These things are never really [...]

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Jason Epstein on Google

Jason Epstein, whom I blogged earlier this year, has reviewed a number of books in the current New York Review.
The books include the long tail, but mainly cover Google and it’s incredible story. Included in the reviews are veteran google watcher (and, of-late, critic) John Battelle’s The Search. It’s an OK piece, and clearly [...]

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July Emissions

None of these is necessarily fresh, but came up in my scouring of what had been happening whilst I was away.
The Wrong Tail. Slate takes a pop at the LT’s theory of everything.
What are the Long Tail’s limits? As a business model, it matters most 1) where the price of carrying additional inventory approaches zero [...]

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BEA Podcasts

Who’d a thunkit? The BEA is officially making podcasts of its sessions publicly available – under creative commons! They’ll be waiving copyright next. Don’t anybody tell John Updike. Or Nigel Newton.

Published: May 31, 2006. Read more →