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Planning & Job Titles

I never know, exactly, how to describe what it is that I do. I still don’t.
I fudged it at my dundee talk by decsribing what I do by using a word other people have given me – a ‘producer’. At Dundee I qualified this by saying that what I do is (1) make stuff happen [...]

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Do the math

A list of publishing industry statistics. I think this came via Seth Godin, but wherever it came from, it’s terrifying. Whilst, as you’ll notice from the title, it’s an American-slanted set of stats, it’s still no reason to feel in any way encouraged. The question is, how to make books relevant in this kind of [...]

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In an FT from last week, Lord Saatchi comes up with a nice little conceit,
Today, social scientists divide the world between digital natives and digital immigrants. Anyone over the age of 25 is a digital immigrant. He or she has had to learn the digital language. The digital native learnt it like you learnt your [...]

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BEA Podcasts

Who’d a thunkit? The BEA is officially making podcasts of its sessions publicly available – under creative commons! They’ll be waiving copyright next. Don’t anybody tell John Updike. Or Nigel Newton.

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Times Emit March 06

Silence of late has been due to London Book Fair and lots of travel as well as work; what follows is a list of link to all the stuff that distracted me inthe last week.
Vicky Barnsley tells Alan Giles to sort out their website; and that Amazon is a bigger threat than Google;
Google books backlist [...]

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Quote: luck

“Life is a game of luck. I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” Thomas Jefferson

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Henry Ford Quote

“I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite ability to not know what can’t be done.” Henry Ford

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Quote: problem solving

“For every problem, there exists a simple and elegant solution which is absolutely wrong.” — J. Wagoner, U.C.B. Mathematics

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Apropos of nothing

“When it comes to the really important decisions, data trumps
intuition every time.”
Jeff Bezos
One , two , three

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