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“Content is Free… but curation is sacred”

One of the ideas going through my head for the past few months can be summed up in the following line

“Content is Free… but curation is sacred”

The phrase (see below for its origins) first came to mind during the Google [un-] settlement with US publishers, and since then I’ve become more and more interested in [...]

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“The iPod Moment for Books”: How Serious is the UK Publishing Industry?

Amid all the chat about Kindles, Iliads, SonyReaders and ebooks generally revivifying a “flat” books market, there is the latent hope/fear that Apple’s next iPhone (to be announced next Monday, keep up) will also have ebook capability.
Such a sexy, “converged” device would surely corral latent consumer desire to read books on a screen rather [...]

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Browse inside: MediaLoper on HC

Another Medialoper Nutshell, this time on the new ‘widget’ introduced by HC to allow bloggers to embed an extract on their sites:
HarperCollins is facing two key challenges with this feature. In order for this experiment to work, users must associate books and authors with the publisher. When I think “Michael Crichton”, I don’t automatically think [...]

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Recent Emissions

In no order, and certainly not chronological:
‘Participation’ is becoming the fifth ‘P’ of marketing (from Fallon Planning)
Heavily linked last year, but worth a remebering link: visualisation methods
A very Californian set of predictions for 2007
Seth says, Don’t Make A Bad Deal
Sony again caught out astroturfing
Customised newsfeed printed on paper, anyone?
The A-Z of Second Life
Booksquare agrees with [...]

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A Period of Transition

What follows is a post I’ve had lined up for a while, which unapologetically asks a difficult question. My apologies in advance to all of you who have been offended by my improper language in the past – but I’m going to be swearing again in the bit that follows…

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The Key Phrase is “3.5 inches is suspiciously perfect for reading.”

Booksquare has made the one insightful comment I’ve read since Steve Job’s iPhone presentation. And it is that the ‘iPhone can save the book industry’. Two quotes from the full article:
The iPhone also features a surprisingly large screen, and has the ability to automatically change the screen orientation when a user turns it sideways. At [...]

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Google Book Search: Medialoper

An interesting post from Medialoper today on ‘Whatever happened to Google Book Search‘. One choice quote is, ‘if a publishing house isn’t feverishly digitizing backlist while I write this, they do not deserve a place on the bookshelf’.

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E-Ink device summary piece

Another aspect of the spring clean, some of it better orgainsed in this case.

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Get rich quick

A very quick thought among all of the YouTube/Google stuff. I just read this quote this morning,
YouTube founder Chad Hurley has also sought to play down copyright fears. “We’re committed to developing tools to identify the content and monetise it so [content owners] can have a new outlet for their content.”
and it made me suddenly [...]

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The independent has an excellent analysis of the ‘new google’; and raises the point that Google is, to traditional media company perspectives, “building a rival media empire under the guise of “organising the world’s information””, and that this empire effectively tramples all over copyright.
Of course, if a media / ad company made all of [...]

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