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Two good podcasts on “publishing 2.0″

I’ve bemoaned (to readers in RSS) the generally dire quality of this year’s BEA BookExpoCasts.
However yesterday I listened to two of their most recent postings, both of a digital bent.
The first was hosted by Mike Shatzkin and is called “Teaching some old publishing dogs new tricks” and features some “learnings” from third-party tech vendors, on [...]

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(Giving) presentations

I’ve been asked to give a lecture at Dundee’s School of Media Arts & Imaging later this year. I have also, inadvertently, and through reading blogs such as Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki, come across a number of sites about how to make good presentations. (Most of these sites talk about making presentations to VCs [...]

Published: August 15, 2006. Read more →

Long Tail Extract on iTunes

Thanks to Medialoper we realised that Apple’s iTunes store allows you to submit PDFs as a ‘podcast’ – thereby opening up the audience for the content you’re promoting. So, we uploaded the exclusive extract from The Long Tail yesterday, and – as if by magic – you can now download it for free from iTunes. [...]

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Carly Fiorina & other podcasts

On holiday I caught up with a load of podcasts, some from BEA, and others culled from elsewhere. One of these was the presentation given by ex Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.
She’s pretty controversial, mainly among those who either used to work for her (she was unceremoniously fired) or who didn’t like her style. [...]

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In an FT from last week, Lord Saatchi comes up with a nice little conceit,
Today, social scientists divide the world between digital natives and digital immigrants. Anyone over the age of 25 is a digital immigrant. He or she has had to learn the digital language. The digital native learnt it like you learnt your [...]

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Chris Anderson

I’ve just begun listening to Chris Anderson’s podcast from the BEA. [MP3 file here] Not the one where he is in discussion with Michael Cader, which is also brilliant, but just him with a croud of publishers. He says that he only speaks to audiences (unpaid) who he can learn from.
It just strikes me, listening [...]

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Recent Podcasts

Jamie Byng on the future of publishing, as part of a Guardian weekly entertainment podcast.
Lots of updates at the increasingly contented BEA podcast site: HP’s controversial ex-CEO Carly Fiorina; Don Tapscott on Web 2.0 in publishing (a bit of a major disappointment, to be honest); Michael Cader (yes, the anooying one from Publishers Marketplace) sounding [...]

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BEA Podcasts

Who’d a thunkit? The BEA is officially making podcasts of its sessions publicly available – under creative commons! They’ll be waiving copyright next. Don’t anybody tell John Updike. Or Nigel Newton.

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Amazon 2.0

The usually interminally boring Publisher’s Lunch posted a highly visionary ‘blogwatch’ article – which it strikes me may not have been written by them – which I am going to post in full.
Amazon 2.0
What does Amazon want to be when it grows up? In today’s interactive, social networking, tag-and-post Web 2.0 culture, whatever you want [...]

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March Emissions

Lots of links again. Just been too insanely busy to do anything but drag favicons out of the browser and onto the desktop before having to move on. This week may be slightly easier, so in the hope of fleshing these out, here are the random ones:
1. Draft – note to self – write that [...]

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