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My wife just came back from a trip to Mantova, Italy. And she brought me this lovely pop-up book, which I had already seen on YouTube, but didn’t know it actually existed.

It’s really quite astonishing.
More about the book from the US publishers, although I think it originates in Italy.

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Packing it in.

I’m packing for holiday, off for two weeks, debating my reading plans, and how ambitious they are.
So far, I’ve packed:

Personal Days by Ed Park, Jonathan Cape
Rogue Male, Geoffrey Household, Penguin, very secondhand
Americana, Don DeLillo (Vintage) – have given up on this one before, despite being a big DD and advertising fan.

I kind of think [...]

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Green Spin

It’s not often that I commend the publishing industry on a brilliant piece of tactical maneuvering. But I have to say that the recent spinning adopted [subscription required, sorry] (by John Makinson among others) to justify abolishing sale or return terms on environmental grounds is absolute genius:
Penguin c.e.o. John Makinson has mooted a move to [...]

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When HMV Shuts Up Shop – Then What?

One of my ongoing, late-night publishing speculations – up there in likelihood with Penguin being sold off to HarperCollins, or Canongate sold to Bloomsbury – is the idea that “beleaguered high street retailer HMV” will pull the plug on the Waterstones chain of bookshops because there’s just no money in books anymore.
Of course, they won’t [...]

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Holiday Reading

I read lots of books on holiday. Almost none related to work. All rather mainstream.

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Links, April 2007

A few links which have inspired me in the past couple of weeks. In fact there have been many more but I don’t want to deluge you.
Starting with eBooks, digital book stuff and copyright. John Lanchester’s great piece in the guardian on copyright, books, and google.
Backing up my previous posts on giving it all away, [...]

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Happy Birthday Dr King

It’s MLK Day – the holiday to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, which was lobbied for by Stevie Wonder (among others) and also (not a lot of people know this) Gil Scott Heron. Gil’s next book – soon to be published and called The Last Holiday – outlines his involvement in the campaign [...]

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Planning & Job Titles

I never know, exactly, how to describe what it is that I do. I still don’t.
I fudged it at my dundee talk by decsribing what I do by using a word other people have given me – a ‘producer’. At Dundee I qualified this by saying that what I do is (1) make stuff happen [...]

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