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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (200,000 times)

In 1999, I wrote a business plan for the company I was then working for, Canongate Books. The plan was for the Scottish Arts Council, and the idea I’d come up with was to make “pop promos for books” which would get a web and film festival showing, and drive traffic to the Canongate site [...]

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The 100,000 hits of Gil Scott Heron

Talking of Canongate. When I worked there (from 1997-2001), I came up with a crazy idea to reconcile my love for pop videos / the web with my frustration at publishing books that couldn’t reach a wider audience.

The idea was simple – give my film-maker /animator mates a copy of a Canongate book, a [...]

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Jonas Odell / Motionographer

Wow. I just found this video, which is the new one by Jonas Odell, for The Hours.
Odell is represented by the pretty much universally brilliant Nexus Productions, home to some of the best young animators in the world. And whilst I don’t like the song, it’s a great piece of work, almost breathtaking. It [...]

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More Links, mainly design, April 2007

Sorry, this is a really fragmented post. More of a collection of links, combined with some notes.
A really, *really* great site for any Penguin-philes. (Via City of Sound, and others.) And Pelicans. I’m still waiting for a wild sighting of JK Galbraith’s American Captialism. And they also have A Fletcher week section to the [...]

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Londonstani at Bombay Bronx

Had some fun last night. The Londonstani samplers came back from the printers and we decided to take some down to Nihal’s club Bombay Bronx at the Notting Hill Arts club. Pictures after the jump

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Spring Clean

I’ve had a couple of long train trips recently, which have given me the chance (with enough foresight to open all my bookmarks in the presence of an internet connection before getting on the train) to go through everything I’ve wanted to flag up for the past couple of months.
These things are never really [...]

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Get rich quick

A very quick thought among all of the YouTube/Google stuff. I just read this quote this morning,
YouTube founder Chad Hurley has also sought to play down copyright fears. “We’re committed to developing tools to identify the content and monetise it so [content owners] can have a new outlet for their content.”
and it made me suddenly [...]

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August Emissions

Sharpworld, an often incredible set of video entries. This gained my attention from Coudal, but for including Oscar Fischinger, Len Lye and many other early animation work links on YouTube.
Saw RadioHead live at Meadowbank, Edinburgh. Amazing, although the visuals were a bit duff. I have to say that Johnny Greenwood is god, and whoever the [...]

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Gil Scott Heron

(Update: Link to the promo we made for The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, with Gil’s blessing)
I heard some really sad news last week – don’t know if it’s true or not but it seems to be well corroborated online.
As well as being back in jail, Gil Scott Heron has admitted to being HIV [...]

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Music / Taste Mashup

Via GalleyCat (Via Buzz, Balls & Hype) an article from the WSJ (registration required so no link) on how publishers are looking to sell books to the kids via music:
Having seen the power of songs to promote TV shows, movies and even videogames, publishers and authors are increasingly experimenting with soundtracks for books. Writers like [...]

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