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Classics: For Shame?

Spotted this morning in Waterstone’s, Chiswick:

There was a time when I obsessed over Faber and Faber’s designs almost as much as I still do those of Penguin. Whilst my favourite Penguins were generally of the Facetti / Marber era (with special exceptions made for contemporaries such as Hyland, Intro, David Pearson and Gray318) the Faber [...]

Published: April 22, 2008. Read more →

Marber 1.0

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Marber, a Wordpress theme we’ve been working on for some time.
Marber is a product of a few of our particular obsessions: typography, book and web design (and the relations between the two), blogging, classic Penguin paperbacks, and of course, Wordpress, the excellent and open-source software we use [...]

Published: November 7, 2007. Read more →