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Londonstani Graffiti & Film

So, the final post on this campaign. (Read the background here, here and here)
The plan was that we would to do something wild, something that totally circumnavigated the mainstream media (the very same media that had had the knives out and so very sharp for the book when it was published in hardback).
We agreed [...]

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Londonstani at Bombay Bronx

Had some fun last night. The Londonstani samplers came back from the printers and we decided to take some down to Nihal’s club Bombay Bronx at the Notting Hill Arts club. Pictures after the jump

Published: February 21, 2007. Read more →

Londonstani Paperback Campaign – More

So, as I was saying. We’re doing work with HarperPress on the paperback of Gautam Malkani’s novel Londonstani.
Here’s what we knew at the beginning:

The hardback didn’t sell well.
Mainstream media pretty much hated it.
But, the book had a lot going for it: it was well written, the buzz around it – and internationally – was [...]

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