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Apt’s links for September 2nd through September 16th

Threepress: Digital tools for 21st century publishing » Blog Archive » When to embed fonts in ePub files – Note to self. Don’t think iPhone SDK allows this yet but worth triple checking.
Creative Review – Noma Bar: Negative Space – Awesome. We ove Noma.

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Apt’s links for August 26th through September 1st

How Big Is the Apple iPhone App Economy? The Answer Might Surprise You –
Larva Labs – Android Market Sales, Are Those Tears or is it Raining in Here? – “There?s been a lot of speculation lately about the size of the Apple App Store, most recently based on some numbers from AdMob which are [...]

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Apt’s links for August 21st through August 25th

The Current State of Video in Email – Articles & Tips – Campaign Monitor – Note to self. email campaigns.
Inside Google Books: Judging a book by its (pretty) cover – “Finally we hit upon an idea that we like — why not surface the illustrations inside the book to be its front cover?” Sweet.

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Apt’s links for August 20th

Cleantech Group report: E-readers a win for carbon emissions | Cleantech Group – New report conducts lifecycle analysis of Amazon?s Kindle, suggesting significant environmental advantages compared to the publishing of books, magazines and newspapers.
Olivetti Lettera 22 Instruction Manual – a set on Flickr – The instruction manual for an Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter.

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Apt’s links for August 13th Conversation Pieces – “I could frame this image, hang it on my wall and stare at it for hours”
Pynchon?s Inherent Vice ? hear the novel here… – “Rather than just viewing the list, for anyone who fancies hearing the tracks while reading the book, I?ve created a Spotify playlist here” Pynchon’s latest is my [...]

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Apt’s links for August 11th through August 12th

Sci-Fi Hi-Fi: Weblog: The Twitter app to use on Android, I?m told, is… – “Finishing a significant consumer software application is essentially a process of nailing down a profusion of tiny details like the ones Torrez calls out here. It can seem like death by a thousand paper cuts, and it becomes even more painful [...]

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Apt’s links for August 2nd through August 5th

The Unofficial Thomas Pynchon Guide to Los Angeles – Sweet.
Application Submission Feedback – Useful. Although not applicable, thankfully, so far.

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Apt’s links for July 17th through July 18th

Lovely Videos – Incredibly surprised that these rather nice, albeit “inspired”, videos are for Scrabble. Not only the very un-literary Hadouken-esque music, but the general down with the kids tone. Maybe the brief was to win back Facebooky hearts and minds after the PR-disaster of shutting down Scrabulous?
Meeting Ticker – Awesome!

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Apt’s links for July 7th through July 11th

New Voices | Online Only | Granta Magazine – “I saw you at that party, holding a rock in your fingers. I popped a mint. I cleared my throat. I had pennies in my loafers. I ate red meat. I could change. I told you, I would change. I knew by your face, you weren?t [...]

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Apt’s links for June 27th through July 5th

D&AD Student Awards 2009 – So, a lovely student proposal for a series design for F&F film books
Mark Boardman Illustration – Nice illustration of Nick Cave on an unlinkable-to page.
Book Seer’s murky book recommendations | Chris Power | Books | – “The murky business of book recommendations. Book Seer bases its recommendations on the [...]

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