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Marion Deuchars, Illustrator

If you’re a designer or illustrator, you probably know Marion Deuchars’s work already. If you’re not, you probably do too – even if you don’t know the name.

People in publishing will know that Marion is responsible for many fantastic book covers, such as those above (for Penguin and Canongate), and our own personal favourites, the [...]

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Granta Magazine, Part 2: Now with added wonders

It’s been almost a year since the launch of our new site for Granta Magazine, which we wrote about in this blog post. But as we noted then, the site wasn’t entirely done, and last week saw the launch of the second phase, which brought a new range of functions and new methods of subscription [...]

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My wife just came back from a trip to Mantova, Italy. And she brought me this lovely pop-up book, which I had already seen on YouTube, but didn’t know it actually existed.

It’s really quite astonishing.
More about the book from the US publishers, although I think it originates in Italy.

Published: September 9, 2008. Read more →

Classics: For Shame?

Spotted this morning in Waterstone’s, Chiswick:

There was a time when I obsessed over Faber and Faber’s designs almost as much as I still do those of Penguin. Whilst my favourite Penguins were generally of the Facetti / Marber era (with special exceptions made for contemporaries such as Hyland, Intro, David Pearson and Gray318) the Faber [...]

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (200,000 times)

In 1999, I wrote a business plan for the company I was then working for, Canongate Books. The plan was for the Scottish Arts Council, and the idea I’d come up with was to make “pop promos for books” which would get a web and film festival showing, and drive traffic to the Canongate site [...]

Published: February 14, 2008. Read more →

Coversourcing: Legal Update From Random House

OK – we promised last week that we’d appeal to the legal team about only allowing entries from the UK and ROI. The good news is that we’ve done that, and had a response. The bad news is what they said:
As discussed the only way to open this competition up to entrants from outside the [...]

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Coversourcing: Update

Update: See comments for an update on eligibility and location – we’re working on it!
Well, it’s getting busy out there. We’ve got 61 entries so far, with more coming every day.
This busy-ness is not without its problems however – we’ve already lost a few noble entrants out there. Some bowed out for unknown reasons (possibly [...]

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Coversourcing: Random House says….

Looking for a nod from the Coversourcing judges? Well, you won’t get that here, but the below is a post from Adam Humphrey, marketing manager at Random House Business Books, whose job it is to market Crowdsourcing: The Book. Adam knows a bit or two about the kind of book jackets that make the grade, [...]

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Spot the difference: Betty Binns and

It has been pointed out to me that the late, great Betty Binns’ (described by Google as “a prominent graphic designer in the publishing industry”) 20-year old classic on typography, Better Type, has ripped off our new homepage design. That was quick. But we’re OK with it – that’s a by-product of our accelerated culture [...]

Published: August 2, 2007. Read more →

Links, 29 June 2007

Prince is giving away his new album, for free, with the Mail on Sunday. How awesome is that? Interesting not only from a Chris Anderson style perspective (that the future is free content, and paid-for experiences, i.e. gigs; see “Give away the music and sell the show“) but also because it is a totally new [...]

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