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Crowdsourcing at the ICA

A quick note – Jeff Howe is in the UK next week promoting Crowdsourcing with a talk at the ICA. Jeff is in discussion with James Harkin, director of the ICA.
One of the most original business ideas and buzzwords of recent years, the idea of crowdsourcing is that companies and institutions of all kinds use [...]

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Coversourcing: last word from here

Just a quick update to anyone still reading this blog looking for updates from Coversourcing. Coversourcing now has its own blog (and RSS feed) – and there are a couple of new posts over there this morning: news of free signed first editions for entrants, and Jeff’s own take on the way the jacket design [...]

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Crowdsourcing… The Winner is…

Adam Humphrey, marketing manager at Random House and responsible for this campaign for Crowdsourcing, talks us through the final decision that has been reached late into the night…
So, after over 300 total entries, 12,000 visitors and over 20,000 votes, we have a Coversourcing winner.

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50 Copies of Crowdsourcing to give away to bloggers

Whilst we’re waiting for the judges to make up their minds, we thought it a good time to let you know that we will have a very limited number of proofs (or, as they are also known, advance reader copies) of Jeff Howe’s Crowdsourcing to offer to interested bloggers in advance of UK publication.
If you [...]

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Coversourcing judging – check your Flickr mail!

Just a very quick note to say that we’re getting in touch with some entrants (not just the top 20) about the Coversourcing judging taking place this week. The only way we can do this is through Flickr mail – so please check your Flickr inboxes as soon as you read this. If you don’t [...]

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… and it’s closed.

That’s right: entries for Coversourcing have now closed. If we’ve missed any that were put forward before the deadline, we’ll check them out if you let us know, otherwise on with the voting!
We’ll be posting some more thoughts on a few things shortly. For now, I just want to say, how cool is this?

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48 Hours

That’s right, entries for Coversourcing close at midnight on Sunday (midnight being an arbitrary point between the actual midnight, if we’re still awake, and first thing Monday morning). We know you designer-y types like working to a deadline, so now is your last chance.
Once the submissions are closed, there’s another two weeks of voting to [...]

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Coversourcing: Legal Update From Random House

OK – we promised last week that we’d appeal to the legal team about only allowing entries from the UK and ROI. The good news is that we’ve done that, and had a response. The bad news is what they said:
As discussed the only way to open this competition up to entrants from outside the [...]

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On Covers, Voting & Comments

I’ve been enjoying Coversourcing, I really have. It was quite a gamble for us, and even more for Random House, and we’re still really pleased they decided to go with it. There have been some fantastic entries, but there’s also been an increasing amount of sniping and bad sentiment in some quarters, and I’d like [...]

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Coversourcing: Update

Update: See comments for an update on eligibility and location – we’re working on it!
Well, it’s getting busy out there. We’ve got 61 entries so far, with more coming every day.
This busy-ness is not without its problems however – we’ve already lost a few noble entrants out there. Some bowed out for unknown reasons (possibly [...]

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