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“Content is Free… but curation is sacred”

One of the ideas going through my head for the past few months can be summed up in the following line

“Content is Free… but curation is sacred”

The phrase (see below for its origins) first came to mind during the Google [un-] settlement with US publishers, and since then I’ve become more and more interested in [...]

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Open Seas; High Waves – The Perfect Storm?

It’s an exciting day – the release of the Sony Reader sees the first concerted, anticipated, co-ordinated foray into selling electronic books in the UK. Publishers have been rushing to negotiate deals with agents (and retailers) and prepare launch lists of titles. Digitisation has been advancing at pace. Great news!
However, I am concerned that two [...]

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Freeconomics: Radiohead vs. Publishers

As we all know, last week Radiohead did something interesting. I’d like to acknowledge that it was a very smart (and lucrative) thing for an established band to do – and to use it as an entry point into debate about the future of the book and its distribution online.
To recap, from our perspective [...]

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Links, 29 June 2007

Prince is giving away his new album, for free, with the Mail on Sunday. How awesome is that? Interesting not only from a Chris Anderson style perspective (that the future is free content, and paid-for experiences, i.e. gigs; see “Give away the music and sell the show“) but also because it is a totally new [...]

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Links, March

In brief:
Another review of Google’s Unbound event for publishers. Quoting Chris Anderson, who notes that the average book sells 500 copies,
“If [authors] are writing books to be read, how can we maximize that?,” he asked. “De-stigmatize the mid-list, de-stigmatize the long tail — 999 readers is success! If you can turn that into 2,000, that’s [...]

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Spring Clean

I’ve had a couple of long train trips recently, which have given me the chance (with enough foresight to open all my bookmarks in the presence of an internet connection before getting on the train) to go through everything I’ve wanted to flag up for the past couple of months.
These things are never really [...]

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E-Ink device summary piece

Another aspect of the spring clean, some of it better orgainsed in this case.

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The independent has an excellent analysis of the ‘new google’; and raises the point that Google is, to traditional media company perspectives, “building a rival media empire under the guise of “organising the world’s information””, and that this empire effectively tramples all over copyright.
Of course, if a media / ad company made all of [...]

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Update on YouTube

In addition to the post I wrote a couple of days ago, Forrster have a couple of new pieces on the rumoured Google / YouTube acquisition. It’s all about the copyright:
Why would YouTube want to be bought by Google? My colleagues, Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler, discussed earlier this week in their blogs that earlier [...]

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