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Reaching Readers Online Reminder – Tomorrow!

Update: All of my files from the presentation are available for download here
Just a reminder. I’m talking tomorrow at The Booksellers’ 2008 seminar called “Reaching Readers Online” aimed at helping anyone in the publishing industry who might be “seeking to forge direct relationships with consumers”.
The presentation is done, and will be posted on here and [...]

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Reaching Readers Online – 2008

Update: All of my files from the presentation are available for download here
I’ve been asked back to The Bookseller’s Reaching Readers Online seminar, which takes place at the end of this Month.
There’s some really interesting people looking like taking part, including those within the publishing industry (from Penguin, Little Brown and Headline) and within the [...]

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Why doesn’t the publishing industry take on Amazon?

Here’s the second (unedited) article I wrote for the London Book Fair daily for the Bookseller Magazine today.

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London Book Fair 2.0

Here’s one of two articles I wrote for The Bookseller, for their London Book Fair daily editions. I rejected this one for all sorts of reasons, but thought it worth posting anyway (especially as how I haven’t in a while).
The brief was to write something accessible for the majority of visitors to the fair, [...]

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Reaching Readers Online :: Follow Up

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Bookseller’s Reaching Readers Online seminar. It was interesting, and I’ll be posting more about it soon – hopefully with a checklist of things that I think publishers should be doing with the web.
I’ve had a load of feedback from people who were there – unfortunately it wasn’t [...]

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Reaching Readers Online :: Full Programme

Here’s the full programme for this bookseller conference next month.
Reaching Readers Online
15th March 2007, Riverbank Park Plaza, London
13.30 Delegates arrive and register
13.45 The Bookseller’s welcome and introduction
Chair: Shaa Wasmund, social networking entrepreneur and consultant to Bebo
Shaa is an internet entrepreneur and expert on social networking sites. A former Cosmopolitan Businesswoman of the year, [...]

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Reaching Readers Online

Just a quick note – I’ve been asked to take part in a panel as part of The Bookseller’s (nice new site by the way, although the links in their emails and all my old links don’t work) half day digital seminar, called Reaching Readers Online.
I’m on a panel chaired by Bebo’s new UK MD [...]

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The Too Hard Box

I was recently asked to write something for The Bookseller’s comment pages (subscription required) although they don’t seem to have put it up yet.. The article is now online, without needing a subscription, and as of today is featured as ‘pick of the site’ under the headline ‘Collingridge on the Web”, on the right hand [...]

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