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New Feature: Instapaper reading

I’d like to briefly introduce you to a new feature on the site that, if you are into the business of books, reading, technology, music, design and Apple, and other stuff besides, you may find interesting.

This feature has basically taken the place of the previous “links” that appeared in the RSS feed, but which are not visible on the main site.

Over here in the left hand side is a page called “Reading“. This page automatically polls our combined Instapaper accounts to bring back the articles that we have found most interesting of late.

Instapaper is an awesome browser plugin / combined iPhone app that allows you to save long web pages for offline reading. So as we’re scouring the web, but find ourselves too busy to actually read pieces (on which note more soon), those we find particularly interesting are saved here.

Posted by Peter Collingridge in Apt Studio work, Publishing, Reading, iPhone.

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