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Holiday Reading

I read lots of books on holiday. Almost none related to work. All rather mainstream.

Cat's Cradle jacket image

  • Blink by Malcolm Gladwell (fun, long, and pratically useless);
  • Super Crunchers by Iain Ayers (referenced by blink and, sadly, inferior: I just don’t get the point after the main premise that good data analysis tells you more than even expert intuition. So those two books are almost exactly opposed then.
  • Enigma by Robert Harris. (Yes. That one. It was sitting there.) Two points to note on that. It’s far, far, far inferior to Cryptonomicon. And it was priced, 4 years ago, at £7.99 and stickered saying “Two for £12″. Has publishing and bookselling really fallen that far that quickly?
  • The Howling Miller by Arto Paasilinna . The literary equivalent of a non-stop Jan Svankmajer movie.
  • Penguin by Designers (not the picture book published last year but the transcripts of talks arranged by the Penguin Collector’s Society.
  • I gave up on On Cheshil Beach.
  • I got to the first page of Never Let Me Go. Ditto Disgrace. Heathen.
  • Oh, and I re-read Cat’s Cradle by Vonnegut.
  • I read Thomas the Tank Engine over and over and over again. Again.

Now that I’m in full confessional, I’m currently struggling to finish Then We Came To The End (don’t bother) alongside Barack Obama (doesn’t he just *look* like a smoker in that photo?) and a stack of stuff from the car boot last weekend.

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