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Jonas Odell / Motionographer

Wow. I just found this video, which is the new one by Jonas Odell, for The Hours.

Odell is represented by the pretty much universally brilliant Nexus Productions, home to some of the best young animators in the world. And whilst I don’t like the song, it’s a great piece of work, almost breathtaking. It reminds me of the kind of work a friend of mine, Spencer Whiting, was putting out at Edinburgh College of Art about 10 years ago.

(Odell also did the brilliant Goldfrapp Strict Machine video, the even more brilliant promo for Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out, some BMW work and some other bits and bobs including Madonna. Incidentally, it always makes me laugh the way the loading movie on Nexus’ site is always 62% until it loads.)

Anyway, this came via Motionographer, which seems to be YouTube for creative work. Nice idea, but shame you can’t embed it at all, or that the clips themselves are just QTimes in new windows. And that came to me via Coolhunting.

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