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Lots of Late Links (and holiday)

Blog-wise, I’ve been slack recently, but I have been collecting some interesting links (and trying to buy a house, and doing lots of work, and all other excuses). So, by way of distraction, here they are.

Read this first. I loved this article. Why “you can’t stop a tidal wave with a fork”. A great story about printing, the onslaught of technology, evolution, outsourcing and being a good person.

Can’t remember where this came from, but it’s a goodie. PrintIsDead. (Note to self, update blogroll)

Mr Murdoch on why he gets “social media”

Jon Lethem’s novel take on copyright

BookTwo gets The Fear about Google Book Search

Nice, pretty, alive, real things

Did we do this already? Jeff Bezos outsources Amazon.

Norman McLaren is a name I’ve always heard. My friend Scott Ward in Edinburgh curated a retrospective of McLaren’s work at the Edinburgh Film Festival maybe seven years ago. McLaren is one of the pioneers of animation to music, and it was all done by hand. Here’s a great piece linking to some YouTube examples that are really quite remarkable. And all of it hung off the hook of Scottish independence.

A List Apart – which is really one of the most important sites on the web – takling about the dangerous, difficult, but totally necessary task of “educating stakeholders”.

Bill says reading will go completely online. And again. Like how he killed spam (check the date).

I have mixed feelings about the new times design.

Who Are You? What Do You Do? Why Does it Matter?

Who is Mitch Albom?

I think I filed this for a rainy day. The ABC of GBS. Jargon alert!

More Jargon. Cumulative Advantage (or, why we’re sheep).

This would probably drive you slowly insane. But accurate to the second.

Laughing Squid do great hosting. They also open cans of worms

Another Raniy Day one? (Fact: Hendrix’s song rainy day was named after a cocaine dealer called Rene Day.

Right, that’s it. I’m down 2613 articles pending in my RSS and it’s going to be bad when I come back on June 11th. Happy holidays.

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