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Times Emit

27/09/10: Mills & Boon New Voices Finalists Announced

Ten finalists have been selected from over 800 entries to the Mills & Boon New Voices competition to find the next Mills & Boon author.
The website that we built for the competition has seen 27,000 visits and 824 entries from 4,000 users, who have made a phenomenal 6,500 comments, making it the biggest ever competition [...]

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26/04/10: A Year in the Life of a Book Recommender

We launched the Bookseer in June last year.

The site had a single purpose: to recommend new books to readers who have just finished something. It would be as simple as Google: a search box asking for the last book you read (and enjoyed). The site would then go and query Amazon, Librarything and other booky [...]

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